Nov. 3, 2016

Broken or not??

So I have been experiencing a new pretty excruitiating pain in my right rib cage. We have done an x-ray that confirms mets to my 9th rib and possible fracture. The decision has been made to do a full body bone scan. I haven't had one done since July 2015 so doctors think it is good to check things out. This scan involves injecting a radioactive liquid,waiting a few hours for the bones to soak up the solution and then dothe 45min scan where I will need to lie completely still while this big box machine comes within an inch of my face. I really don't like this scan but it has to be done. Interestingly it is scheduled for the day of my wedding anniversary, thankfully it will be over before we go to Canada and I will get the results in early Dec so hopefully then I can relax and enjoy our family Christmas. This year myself,Clive and the kids are spending Christmas alone, the first time ever it will be just the 4 of us. Hopefully being away while waiting on the scan results will reduce the scanxiety.