Oct. 15, 2016

MBC day Oct 13th 2016

Thursday saw us mark the first official mBC day in Ireland. Marie Keating Foundation,Europa Donna Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society came together to hold this event in Cork. We had an excellent presentation by Oncologist Prof O'Reilly followed by a panel discussion in which I was involved with two other mBC patients Olive Saughnessy and Josephine O'Brien. It was so nice to share our experiences.The atmosphere in the room was amazing, patients,their family and friends brought together and given the opportunity to talk  about issues that are important to eachother with one another. We promoted EDI's facebook page more which is going to be such a valuable tool for patients as the membership increases. The Connect MBC facebook group allows patients to connect and disscuss matters relation to their ilness in privacy. Marie Keating are also running a 6 week  course in the Aisling Hotel in Dublin, in this we are touching on topics like relationships, end of life and talking to friends and family. It really was an amazing morning and I was so glad to be part of this event. I really feel that this is just the start of raising awareness of the reality of living with mBC.