Mar. 29, 2017

Radiotherapy completed!

Yesterday saw the end of my radiotherapy,10 sessions to the vertabrea inmy upper back. The numbness in my left hand isimproved the pain in my back is still there but the consultant recons it will be a few weeks before I get the whole benefit. So to cope with the side effects of what I have just been through. As the treatment was to the upper area the radio waves have been coming from my back out through my lungs, stomach, intestines and liver. So what does this mean? Well the treatment was such a shock to my body that initially I have no bowel control,very embarressing when you have no control of your bowels andnext thing you end up soiled. Doctor was shocked that I had no control so after 2 days I had to have an emergency full spine MRI. Thankfully that showed no issue with spinal cord compression soon with the treatment. Then came the indigestion, OMG is all I have to say. I never before experienced anything like it. The pain brought tears tomy eyes, poor Clive tried everything to help but we just had to ride the wave. Once again doctors were surprised it got so bad so quickly. Got a special mixture called BMX mouthwash which has now become my new best friend.

Last night was Cian's service of light for his confirmation, I rested as much as possible all day. I struggled to get ready but unfortunately when the time came to go I couldn't. The pain of the indigestion was once again unbearable, not even my BMX mixture and oxinorm could take away the pain. My heart broke as this disease has yet again prevented me from going to something important in our lives. It just reminded meI have no control, my disease decides what it wants me to do. It's hard emotionally but the way I look at it now is, I have over a week to rest now and I will be at the confirmation and we'll have a great day.