Sep. 28, 2016

For all the Highs comes the LOWS!!!!

Oh my God, I have just realised that with all the highs comes the lows. I have been so busy working to promote awareness of mBC that I nearly forgot I was sick but then comes the reality. I can hardly move today with exhaustion. I really enjoyed my debut on tv with the TV3 interview on Tues and meeting my idol Ray D'Arcy for the radio interview. I really hope it came across possitive but although I looked great then today I am curled up on the couch hardly able to move. No getting dressed today I tell you. Every bone in my body aches, for the normal person a day's rest will revive them, foran mBC patient like myself it will possibly be at least a week. Explaining the fatigue to people is really hard but if you have been pregnant you know the tiredness that comes with that well multiply it by 50 and you get close. It's hard sleeping and waking up as tired as you were before you fell asleep. People keep saying take it easy,don't push so hard but it is important to me that people know about mBC and that if diagnosed with it they know that there's help there and they know where to go. I want to help take away the isolation of mBC for people if I can.