Jul. 29, 2016

The ups and downs of life.

Well it's been a while since I got around to let you all know how life it's been. There's been so much going on. I have been working with Europa Donna Ireland to set up a support network for patients suffering from mBC (metastatic Breast Cancer). They have put a fantastic effort into it and last week following a couple of radio interviews the launched the new facebook page " Connect MBC Network". (


 This is going to be a fantastic tool for Irish men and women as I have been using a similar site ibased in the U.K. YBCN and I have made great friends and support there but unfortunately with that also comes loss of friends.

Along with organising that I have also been working with the Marie Keating Foundation who are going to run a 6 week programme for patients with mBC starting at the end of September. This is going to bring together a small group of patients roughly 20 and have workshops to cover many aspects of life when living and coping with mBC.

I am so proud to have been a part of both of these initatives but most importantly I am thankful to pfizer healthcare who have given financial aid to both organistations and to the ladies in these organisations for their hard work and dedication.

And now to sum up my health, well unfortunately that is a very tricky situation. I have been expierencing some loss of power and function on occassions down my left side and in my right arm. This has happened on a number of occassions since November but in the last couple of months it has been much more frequent. I have had scans done which thankfully have shown no progression of disease yet I have these symptoms. I had a lumber puncture this week to test the fluid in my spine but the Doctors are not really expecting that to show up anything. And then this week arrived when since Wednesday I have probably managed to stay out of bed for approx 9 hours in total. It has been terrible yet they still can't find anything clinical wrong. The disgnosis is extreme exhaustion. So going back to work, doing a few radio interviews and helping supervise the kids Space Camp has resulted in this. It brings me back to how much my life has changed and how little I can do before I exhaust myself completely. It truly is unfair, although I am so glad to be alive I so wish life could be more normal.