Apr. 12, 2016


In my support group we have what we call scanxiety, this is the anxiety caused when having a scan and awaiting results. This is made worse when there's a battle going on between the Doctors over seeing your care and the radiology department. You see with the numbness in my legs and arm my doctors want to do a CT scan from the neck to the hips however radiology only want to do the neck and lungs. They feel that I had the mild paralysis in my arm (my most recent complaint in March) and see no need to scan any lower than that. The paperwork did not include lower down my body, as the numbness in my legs was an issue that a different doctor was dealing with. This is the struggle all of the time by seeing different doctors. It is extremely frustrating being the patient as you have to be alert all of the time. I say you need to be in the whole of your health to be sick in order to keep on top of everything. I am awaiting a call from my cancer nurse to know exactly what is going to be scanned next week. I feel I have to go to the hospital and I have to drink the contrast so do the whole lot as I haven't had a CT since July. Best to make sure everything is ok. Grrrrr.... the health system wrecks my head some times.