Apr. 7, 2016

Monthly IV bone strengthener!!

So as I have bone mets(secondary cancer in my bones) I have to have a monthly bone strengthener called Zometa. This involes going to the hospital getting a cannula but into my now very weakened veins. This can be very difficult as my veins are damaged from chemo, to give me the best chance for the nurse to get a good vein I need to drink approx 3 pts of water on the morning of my appointment and then when I get to the hospital I need to heat my arm with a warmer for approximately 20 mins. Once bloods are done and all is ok with them and my kidney function is ok I get my IV which only takes 15mins. The purpose of this is to strenthen my bones as the cancer is eating into my them and we need to try and prevent fractures. As my bone disease is in my spine I need to be extreamly careful that it doesn't break as this could cause spinal cord compression which could result in paralysis. Thankfully I don't suffer any side effects from this drug but it does obviously cause me challanges as a mother with 2 kids as my appointment is at 2pm on a Thursday every month. My mum comes with me as the hospital is nearly an hour away and then I have to arrange after school childcare for the kids. On my return which is usually about 6pm, I become mommy again which means I get back to the usual motherly duties of cooking the tea, then bed time for the kids, the usual baths, stories prayers and snuggles, so by 9pm I am completely flattened and it's into bed for me. This is just an example of the life if a Metastatic Breast Cancer patient. #Lifer