Mar. 29, 2016

The virus from Hell!!!!!!

What was to be a lovely Easter, the begining of which was a 4 day trip to Liverpool to see my brother and his family with my kids, to a nice relaxing week preparing for the kids joint birthday party instead has ended up with me in bed in Liverpool for 2 days no energy, terrible cough and generally feeling like I am dying. Cian was fantastic for the flight home helping me every bit of the way. I am so proud of the young man that he is turning out to be. As I have the energy to do nothing else I find myself leaning heavily on my online support group to discover that a lot of us have the same dose some of the women are on their second and third virus. I tell you this has been so bad that it has made me afraid of dying something that I was never afraid of before. Don't get me wrong I know I am not dying now that I am just feeling very sick but is dying similar to this? The weakness, the aching all over, when coughing the struggling to breath. It's absolutly terrifying. I know we all have to die at some point but god am I scared of it right now. Most people can just take to bed for a few days and weather it out. Unfortunatley I can't stay in bed all day as my back gets too sore and the numbness down my leg worsens. It's just a vicious cycle.