Mar. 18, 2016

A sleepover in hospital!

The panic and fear I felt on Wednesday morning was like nothing I had ever had before. I got out of bed to discover that I had no power and restricted movement in my left arm. This came as a total surprise to me as for the previous few mornings I had had lots of pins and needles in my right arm. Is this disease eating into my spine? Am I going to end up without the use of my arm or even worse both my arms. Well off to the G.P. we went and to no surprise off to Limerick. Following and emergancy MRI on my neck there was no spinal cord compression and best course of treatment was a course of steriods and an overnight stay. The doctor is now going to consider doing a CT and see if that shows any traping of nerves in the shoulder. Every little clitch just shows how fragile life is and in particular for a metastatic cancer patient. At 34yrs old when life should be so fun enjoying the kids, finishing things in the house, enjoying married life instead my life goes from one hospital appointment to another and sometimes an unexpected trip in between.