Feb. 17, 2016

Always in my thoughts!

I think of Holley almost every day and even more so this week knowing that her little man turns 5 this week and she was so hoping to make it that far, she also missed out on her own 34th birthday and her wedding anniversary. It all is so close to my heart as my own little woman Zoe turns 5 on Monday, however I have made great strides today to keep my promise to Holley to keep educating people and I have made it my mission to help organise a support group for Metastatic B.C. patients here in Ireland. Today I spoke to several people who are willing to meet with me and help drive this on, I spoke with a wonderful lady in Pfizer(A major Drug Company) who is working on launching the Story Half Told here in Ireland later in the year. I also spoke with a lady from Europa Donna Ireland who I am hoping to meet on Friday and they are to help back my support group initiative. I feel proud and I thank Holley and Katherine O'Brien, Secretary of Metastatic Breast Cancer Network in the US (who has a brother-in-law from the same little village that I live in) for their support and help thus far. Holley I pray for your family every day and I will keep my promise to educate until my time on this earth also comes to an end and we #stormtheheavens together.