Feb. 11, 2016

Medical Up-date!

Ok today was a review appointment, like every metastatic patient I go from one appointment to another and the nerves never ease. Today I spoke to the doctors about the pain in my ankles, wrists and back of my neck. Fearing the worst that the cancer has travelled through my bones the relief that it is most likely a side effect of my hormone drug Letrozole. Relief on one side but disappointment on the other as this is something I will have to learn to manage with more pain relief. The advice from my consultant is to get the pallative care team involved. That frightened me as I instantly thought of end of life however he explained that the vast majority of their work is in pain management and not end of Life yet again a major sigh of relief. Another plus I am due back in clinic again in 3 months and other that that I continue on my monthly bone strenghtener and the home care team will come and manage my pain. Happy days.