Jan. 13, 2016

#Lifer a whole online community in Mourning.

Yesterday was a very sad a lonely day as we lost one of Metastatic Breast Cancers strongest voices. Holley made fantastic strides in raising awareness of the disease and the need for money to be put into research but unfortunately her body could take no more and we lost one amazing woman. As we all mourn their is two wonderful boys and their dad totally distraught by her passing. Their pain is no doubt emense. As I tooked my little lady into bed I realised that she is just 6 weeks short of turnng 5 only one week in the diffence to Holleys youngest boy. How can they understand this. It is so not fair, more needs to be done. Now it it down to the rest of us #Lifers to continue Holleys fight in her name. We have to end the miserary that this brings to families. Children need their parents.To quote Metathriving:

We're not fighting against Cancer

We are fighting against people,

People who want to silience us

Shame us

Ignore us

Give us token attention and buy us off long enough to shut us up while we don't have to do anything meaningful for a change.

The death rate is the same as 40 years ago. It's comparable to the height of the AIDS crisis. Over a thousand men and women die every day worldwide from Metastatic cancer.

And it's one of pink ribbon's best-kept secrets

We're screaming

Hear us.

Goddamit, won't someone hear us? When will someone hear us? Pay f..cking attention here? We're dying! The "awareness" model isn't doing shit! We need to change focus to research! Hear us!Don't buy into the pink painted drive. Send your money to actual research organistaions. Pink ribbons are not a cure. Listen to us. Early detection is not a cure. There is no such thing as "cancer-free" for breast cancer. Listen.

Won't someone hear us?

We won't shut up. You want us to shut up, you want us to go away, I promise you, that won't happen. We're going down screaming. And we're taking you with us.

R.I.P. my friend Holley. We will continue to fight in your name and we will continue to pray for your beautiful boys and husband. Rest easy in the knowledge that your boys will grow up knowing what a wonderful person you were and will be so proud of you. My heart breaks that you can't share this with them.