Jan. 8, 2016

What a sad day!

I really don't know where to start. I have met so many people on my journey so far and today one of them a true inspiration and the founder of the #Lifers has been given the option to stop chemo and enter her end of life as such. Her little son turns 5 in 5weeks and it's not certain that she will make it that far. Holley Kitchen gave me the inspiration to share my story, to introduce you all to the reality of metastatic breast cancer. I was so lucky to have gotten the oportunity to meet her in Boston in October but now her life is coming to an end, it just shows the devastation this disease causes. She is like me, a mother, a wife, as sister, a daughter, a friend. An ordinary woman whose life has been shortened by F..king Metastatic Cancer, the one that kills. Her Husband will be left without his wonderful wife, her 2 boys with no mother, her family and friends will be lost and those of us who have follwed her story for months, shared her ups and downs through social media devastated. I am so scared today. What will I be like the day I get that news. It will happen we just don't know when. As I sit here writing this crying a little Robin has just hopped by, I know that is my Dad's way of saying he's here with me. I miss him so much, yet I don't want to visit him too soon, I have too much more to do here yet.