Nov. 27, 2015

And that's how it will be!

Three days of lying resting and a trip to the hospital to get checked out and the answer is "that's the way it will be". I have to get used to this happening it is part of my condition, it may occur regularly or like the other day the numbness may just come and go. The Doctor at the hospital was clear that it is nothing to worry about, as with spinal tumours I am going to have these symptoms but there's no need to worry unless I lose power and it doesn't return or if I lose continence. I really have to say the team in Limerick are amazing and they give me such confidence every time I visit.It is good to know that it is nothing too serious but worrying that it may become worse at some point, however I will continue to pray that that won't happen for some time. I am due back to the hospital on Dec 17th for the bone strengthener and hopefully I won't need to go back before then.🙂