Nov. 2, 2015

Thank god Pinktober is over.

Pinktober is about breast cancer awareness well everyone is aware of Breast Cancer but few know or talk about metastatic breast cancer. Well nothing has really changed in the figures of women and men dying of the disease. "Although women have been getting mammograms for decades, the incidence of metastatic breast cancer — the kind that has already spread to another organ by the time it is found — has remained essentially unchanged since 1975. Data from the National Cancer Institute show that the rate of new cases has held steady at just under 20 per 100,000 women, despite the fact that widespread breast cancer screening programs were introduced in the 1980s." L.A. Times. So figures have not changed and still only 7% of cancer research is spent on Metastatic Disease. We need this to change so check out MBCN and donate if you can.