Sep. 30, 2015

Check-up Time Again!

Ok I have been to the Cancer Society conference and it was great to hear there are new drugs coming down the line that could assist teh drug I am on and prolong it's benefits from 7 months to 20 months. That is pretty good but it is only approved in the U.S. yet but in certain circumstances it can be availed of here. Now I need to keep an eye on it and make sure I can get it once I need it. It is hard to be constantly proactive about your own treatment but if you are not and if you are not up to speed on these things then you might miss out. Thursday brings my next hospital appoiontment. The nerves are building as the week goes on, I feel well mainly, tired but well so hopefully everything is ok. Any bone pain I experience is managed quiet well with nightly pain relief so I am hoping everything is good although with this disease you never know. Only for finding the lump in May 2014 I had no other symptoms. Bone strenghter will be given tomorrow also and then follows the aching joints for 2 weeks, little to worry about I suppose as it helps prevent fractures. The bodytalk seems to be bringing out alot of the stress that I have built up inside for years. It is a case at the moment be careful when around me I could just take a giant bite out of you. Reducing my stress though can only be good.