Sep. 17, 2015


I have decided to start geting some bodytalk done, I am determined not to allow cancer take over my body. I really want to get control back. My health is my wealth. Bodytalk works on getting the energy flowing through the body correctly and stimulates your bodys own natural healing. From the first session I have come away realising that I have to trust my gut feeling on everything. I feel very relaxed this evening and absolutely thrilled with my decision. Up to know I have focused on getting through treatment, making sure I created great memories for the kids and as such got all my necessary ducks in a row. Now it is time for me, time to look after myself and get my body working well again. Here's to a new begining. I am also going to the Cancer Society conference in Dublin on Saturday so hoping to get more information there. We have also been lucky enough to get tickets to rehersal show for Ray Darcy's new programme. It will be a great girlie break for my sister, mam and I.