Sep. 15, 2015

Why Blog you ask?

Ok, I just want to answer a few of the questions I have been asked over the past couple of weeks but most importantly why blog. This is a record of what it is like to live with metastatic disease, it really is not for my benefit, I want family and friends to know what it is like to live with the disease without our everyday conversations being taken up by how I feel, I want others who have the disease in particular those just diagnosed to have somewhere to turn, to see what it's like and have the services that I worked so hard to find right there infront of them. Most of all it is about giving the tools to everyone that is suffering from such a diagnoses, the Lifer(patient), husbands/wives, children, mother, fathers, brothers and sisters, extended family and friends, a chance to see there's still living to be done inbetween treatments and to remember that on the bad days and live and enjoy the good days.