Sep. 8, 2015

Shock and Disbelief!

Ok I just released my blog at 8 O'Clock yesterday evening and I am overwhelmed by the response. Nearly 2500 views already. I have two main reasons for doing this and that is to record what is going on so my children can read it when older and understand why mammy isn't able to go to that hurling match or why we are having movie time at 1pm and mammy keeps falling asleep. The second is to raise awareness of Metastatic Disease, there are thousands out there with it that feel exactly the same as me, I am not inspirational, I am just an ordinary mother living a very difficult life but I am sure there are people out there with much worse and at least I get to enjoy more time with my family due to some of the advances in medicine but more needs to be done. There just has to be a way to controll this better and even cure it so lets fight for that. PLease continue to read and share this as it is important to me and to all Metastatic LIFERS.