Oct. 6, 2014

Friendly Support.

These two have been my friends for years, we have been there for eachother through thick and thin. Lunch out and a few sociable drinks last night was just amazing. I went out wearing my wig but ended up like this. It is so hot under there. When leaving the house tonight my uncle thought it best that I wear it out. You see some people believe that you should hide the fact that you're sick but I think maybe not. I had covered up my baldness until the other day when I posted the pictures on facebook of my pink party forgetting I had no wig on. I am not sure if I have covered up to protect myself or to avoid questions or to hear "oh poor you, but it will all be ok". I have cancer, the metastatic type, I will not be cured, I am currently BALD and I am proud of it.