Apr. 1, 2015

Treatment Again!

Made it to Liverpool but got a call when away to go meet the radiotherapy team, so new treatment starts next week. 10 days of radiotherapy on my lower spine to try and reduce the tumour. I will be finished just in time for Disneyland which is good. We haven't told the kids about the trip which is good just if anything changes, of course we'll loose all the money paid but hopefully that won't be the case. With radiotherapy for this part of the spine the rays also have to go through my intestine and stomach so I run the risk of a sick stomach and diarrhoea. Oh the thoughts of it. It is a reminder of how unstable this condition is and that treatment really never ends, until my heart stops beating. This is another blow that I am struggling with, as is my husband. My son though has done great since he went to the counselling and I am finding the local services great and I am currently taking part in a secondry cancer course which is great meeting others like me and learning more about cancer and the support that is there and also having some of the alternative treatments.