Mar. 19, 2015

Follow-up appointment

Great news, primary tumour reduced with chemo from 7cm to 2cm, time to celebrate. I know this is not the all clear that so many look for but it is the best I can hope for, there's no pink ribbon of hope for me. I can however look forward to 3 mths of no hospital well off course apart from getting my monthly bone strenghener. I can now go and enjoy the trips that we have planned for the next few months. First of which is our family trip to Euro Disney in April, me, my wonderful husband and 2 kids, this is a trip I have wanted to do since I had my son and second trip is to New York with my 2 primary school frineds. These trips are all due to the fact of my illness which I hate in a way but on the other hand these are memories that can only be made once and are thanks to my woderful family in making these happen.