Nov. 30, 2014

Last chemo Yipee!!

Last chemo done, I haven't blogged each one, just little snips of my feelings as they were all pretty much the same. Very tired, luckily I had no real sickness, no infections and got through it rather well. The one thing that really got me though was the pain of the weakness, it was something I never experienced before. I didn't find the need to go to bed early like 9 o'clockish too hard as I had treatment coming into the wither and the days were getting shorter so I was going to bed while it was dark. With the treatment though comes loneliness. Due to tiredness I spent a lot of time alone, with my thoughts which is not good. I have planned my funeral the best I can and no doubt it will be changed many times before the Lord decides it's my time to leave this world. I have also started working on memory books for the kids. Oh that is hard, although writing them is hard reading back over them is even worse. I want to leave my children with books with as much of the things as possible that I would tell them as they get older. Stories of their first words etc. Enough of the sandness lets look forward to my scan in the next couple of weeks and the nervous wait for results.