Sep. 9, 2014

Chemo 2

Not as bad this time very weak and tired, much more orgainised this time. Kids were away and I had help on hand. Well needed. I won't be running a marathon this week and that is for sure. It's so hard not being able to play with the kids and do things as normal but it is my new life and something that I just have to get on with. We have an Au Pair here so that is a great way to keep the children in routine during the week. I now know what the pain from weakness is really like. Another 4 of these to go, well definately 2 but hopefully my body will accept 4 more. I need this to work this is supposed to help to keep me alive. Looking for second opinions and research indicates that there are very few diffeneces in treatment so I just have to keep positive and hope this doesn't get me any time soon.