Sep. 3, 2014

The Wig

A drink before I went in and a few after were needed. Wig fitting was to be ok, I had decided that my hair was starting to fall out but I intended to wait and see how it went over the next few weeks that wasn't to be. When I pulled on it, it just kept falling out. My sister and I luaghed so hard and I am not sure why. When the man came in to fit my wig 2 thirds of it lay on the floor and I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak. Sent text home to say "wife will be bald on return". The wig looks good although it looks like I had my hair done and I am not sure how that will go with all my tracksuits. My husband took my baldness in his stride not really showing any emotin, my son on the other hand got the fright of his life. Mammy left home with hair and returned bald, the tears just ran down his face and my heart broke a little more. I really don't know if there's many more pieces left to break as I see what this ilness is not only doing to me but more so to my loved ones.