Aug. 21, 2014

Chemo 1

My Plan was to keep the children at home and keep this as normal as possible. More fool me. Had chemo Thursday and was a little nausous that night but nothing I couldn't handle. Weak Friday but once again managable, but Saturday came the frightening bit. I was, what I tought was awake but I couldn't open my eyes, am I dead or alive I really wasn't sure. With some struggle I got my hand to my eyes and managed to open my eyelids, ok, at least I am alive. With alot of effort I got myself to the Kitchen for a drink but then realised I was too weak to call for help. When my husband came upon me, I was crying with the weakness and thought I was going to die. I couldn't even hold up my own head. The children had to be got out of the house they couldn't see their mother like this. Friends and family were great. By evening it was a bit better I could at least hold up my head and my glass to drink from. A most terrifying experience to say the least.