Jul. 31, 2014

Treatment Plan.

Ok, I have met my oncologist and we are aiming for 6 rounds of AC chemo. Unfortunatley it is called pallitve chemo as I said I can't be cured, it is treatment now to give me the best quality of life they can until the Lord calls me and my oncologist backed up the information I have read and says 2.5yrs is the hope. Hope!!! that is not alot of hope in my book. I have 2 kids I am aiming for at last 10yrs. I am not prepared to give up that easily. The alternative I suppose is 12mths if I do not go with treatment so it is a no brainer. I will suffer whatever side effects I get over the next few months just to have more time with my kids, husband and the rest of my family. I am aiming to see my daughter start primary school, then my sons confirmation, his first day in secondry school and then my daughters communion. And that is just a start. Chemo starts Aug 14th, I am terrified.