Jun. 27, 2014

The Begining of my new Journey!

Following a mamogram, scan and Biopsy I still thought things would be ok, however that was not to be the case as a 33yr old mother of two how on earth could I have breast cancer. But I had.Our lives changed forever with that one sentence "I am sorry Mrs Wakefield but as you can see from this image you have Bresat Cancer, we will have to" blaa blaa blaa is all I heard then.  Routine bone scan and CT scan to follow. The sadness, shock and fear in my husbands eyes was unbelievable. The tears streamed down my face as I called my sister to tell her the story. My father was only a year and a half dead, how was my poor mother going to take the news.  As I looked at my phone as my brothers rang I just can't answer. When we got home my Mum and sister were there armed with wine, we chatted, cried, gave out, wondered if there was really a god. It was at that stage that I decided there was only one way through this, I would keep my head down and keep things as normal as possible. I only had breast cancer, it was the best type of cancer to get. We would have a rough year but we can get through it. I can take time off work and focus on getting through this, but I feel at the moment that work will help keep things normal for both myself and the kids.